Here is exactly how your tweets are ranked

Found this in the algorithm code

The tweet’s like count is the biggest impact. 30x the impact of replies.

Next is retweet count. 20x the impact of replies

Post something offensive? Tweet is dead in the water

Multiple hashtags? You’re not getting ranked

Mention something trending (chatGPT)? Small boost.

Image or video attached? Big 2x boost.

A lot of lessons to be gleaned here

Going to be posting more findings as I uncover them.

Will be combing through the source code all night

Here’s an obvious one, if you are verified, your entire account gets a big boost in the algorithm

Follower to following ratio matters.

If you follow way more users than are following you, your content will be deprioritized

Here are some more boosts/demotions your content can get

• Trends
• Media
• News
• No text
• URL only
• Name only

Links get de-prioritized if they are non-news or non-media.

Post outside links at your own risk

Here is how your account reputation is calculated.

It takes into account follower to following ratio, account age, device usage, if you’ve been restricted or suspended, and if you’re verified.

Spend the $10

Posting more data all night. Follow and turn on notifications

Your “influence” on Twitter and in turn how likely your tweets are to be seen is heavily determined by the quality of users you interact with

Interact with low quality accounts with bad follower/following ratios and are marked as spam/nsfw/bots/toxic, you get penalized