twitter: boosts/demotions


4. There are a few factors that determine if your tweet will appear on someone’s “For You” tab, mainly, the probability the user will:

◆ like/RT your tweet
◆ click into your tweet & reply/stay there for >2 mins
◆ check out your profile 👀

5. Some negative feedback loops that will reduce your “reputation score” on Twitter:

◆ Getting blocked
◆ Getting muted
◆ Abuse reports
◆ Spam reports
◆ Unfollows (not as heavily penalized as the above 4 though)

6. To put these feedback loops in perspective:

A user clicking on your tweet staying there for >2 min is weighted 22x more than them just liking your tweet

If they click into your profile through your tweet & likes/replies to a tweet? 24x more than a like.

If they reply to your tweet? 54x more than a like.

If they reply to your tweet *and* you respond to their reply? 150x more than a like 🤯

If they report your tweet? -738x the effect of a like (you’re basically screwed)


7.8 アメリカ選挙関連

9. So far, I’ve scoured both the Twitter Algorithm repos but I still haven’t found anything about the following:

◆ If a tweet containing a link will be ranked lower
◆ If bookmarking a tweet will boost its rankings

10. In the current light ranking model (Earlybird), tweets with images & videos seem to get a nice 2x boost →

However, this is an old model that Twitter is planning to rebuild completely, so things might change →